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I Heart Lung

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I Heart Lung is refined chaos. It is at once tribal drone, free jazz, whisper and rage, improvisation and predestination. It is the gestalt of guitarist Chris Schlarb and drummer Tom Steck.

From the first moment of collaboration, there was an uncanny telepathy, creative pathos, intensity, serenity, chaos, and arbitrary exactness that could only be I Heart Lung. They feed it back and beat it freely. An organized/open duet of choke-like intensity and sometimes raging quiet.

Formed in 2004, their first performance was a headlining affair which LA Weekly proclaimed as, “one of those legendary gigs you only hear about 10 years later.” After their inaugural set The Pink Mountaintops’ Stephen McBean bespoke of Steck as a “force of nature.” Others agreed. The group went into an abandoned building and recorded their first album Blood & Light.

In 2005 the group toured the U.S. on the Oort Cloud BBQ/Sainthood Now! bill with Castanets and Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice. The duo celebrated with a marbled-vinyl split 12″ with three new compositions on one side and two extended improvisations by Castanets on the other.

I Heart Lung has since released two edited albums: one a collaboration with Chicago-based sound artist John Kannenberg and one an utter perversion of Christmas-time flora.

In 2008 the group will release Interoceans on Asthmatic Kitty Records. A four song, forty-plus minute drone opera, Interoceans features collaborations with Nels Cline, Kris Tiner, Aaron Ximm, Lynn Johnston and pedal steel guitar virtuoso Dave Easley. A full US tour is planned to correspond with the release of this mantle-shattering event.

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3" DVD-r Singles Series Volume 2