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Cristopher Cichocki

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Cristopher Cichocki (prounounced: chä-hä-skee) lives and works within the desert of Southern California’s Coachella Valley. His influences span across diverse genres including: Earthworks, quantum physics, Arte Povera, DIY subcultures, guerilla art, and experimental music. Encompassing video, painting, photography, sculpture, music, installation, and performance, Cichocki’s work accents the constant flux and sublime entropy within urban and desert ecologies. Within Cichocki's exploration of sites off the beaten path he inserts his vision by transforming landscapes of decay and abandonment into newly discovered dimensions of perception and possibilty. His aesthetic often leads us to question whether we're looking at an organism through a microscopic lens, or viewing the surface of another planet from a satellite topography. The scope of Cichocki’s work amplifies the world around us, conveying an urgency and awareness towards the ephemeral, shifting nature
of existence.

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