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Yoshihide Sodeoka Video Metal


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catalog: Content 004
artist: Yoshihide Sodeoka
title: Video Metal
format: DVD-r / NTSC / Region Free
running time: 00:011:44 // edition: 100
physical attributes: 5" DVD-r wrapped in a hand-screen-printed 20" x 15", 4-color poster.
Folded and housed in a 5" x 6" resealable poly bag with an outside sticker.

1. Evil Erector
2. Psychedelic Death Vomit
3. Electric Hair Doom

Video Metal combines Yoshihide Sodeoka's (aka C505) frenetic and bastardized analog video compositions in conjunction with his insidiously maniacal guitar and sample work into a hybridized form that will obliterate your senses. Proceed with caution as reported cases confirm that Sodeoka's distrorted Video Metal deities have been reaching through the screen and melting viewers on site.

Yoshihide Sodeoka is a multidisciplinary artist and musician based in New York City. Over the past decade, his projects have been featured in books and magazines (I.D. Magazine, Res, IdN, Artbyte), DVDs (Nike Presto Spirit of Movement, Reline 2, RUGA), web sites (Whitney Museum's Artport,, Rhizome. org, and exhibitions across the world (New York city's Deitch Projects, London's OneDotZero, Portland's Floating World Animation Fest, Boston's Lumen Eclipse, Barcelona's Sonar Festival, Haifa museum Israel, San Sebastian’s GlasKultur, The Creative Time Holiday Light Show at New York’s Grand Central Terminal, Berlin's Transmediale, Poland's Krakow Film Festival, WNET Reel NY). Sodeoka has received grants from the likes of the Greenwall foundation and his work is part of the permanent collections of the San Francisco MoMA and New York's Museum of the Moving Image.